Thursday, August 4, 2011

Halloween Craft Idea

Looking for Halloween craft ideas? Here's a fun and easy craft to add quick spooky flair to your home! Here's what you'll need:

Seashells of your choice, various sizes. Colors and imperfections don't really matter.
Marker - Color doesn't matter
Various orange paints
Black paint

I used 3 seashells as an example, but you can use however many your would like. I usually pick the uglier shells out of my collection since it's going to be painted over - you aren't going to be able to see any blemishes on the shell. Do make sure you have cleaned off any sand and algea that might have been on the shell if you picked it up fresh off the beach, it tends to have a gritty look under the paint.

Cut out just enough styrofoam to pack into the back of each shell so you have something to attach the magnet to. Use a nice strong glue, I reccommend something a little bit stronger than hot glue or elmer's glue if you want it to last a long time, and glue it into the back of each shell.

With a marker, I drew out a classic Jack-o'-Lantern face on each shell. I usually use a marker to do this because I end up messing up if I just start with the paint. You can do the face however you like! I chose the classic smile to begin with, but please feel free to get more creative with it.

Once you have that finished, pull out the paints. I used a different shade of orange for each shell I painted, but you can use just one shade if you'd like. Mixing a tiny white or black will help you make different shades if you don't have any that you've purchased. Depending on how dark and thick the paint is, you may have to put a few extra coats on each shell to ensure that it is covered. Painting the back is optional. After that dries, fill in the black paint were you drew the face!

Now while that is drying, pull out your twigs. cut them down to your desired stem length. After the paint is completely dried, attach them to the top of your pumpkin as a stem. For an extra added touch, I made vines out of Polymer Clay and glued them next to the stem.

Lastly, glue your magnets to the stryofoam and your finished! Again, I would use a better glue than hot glue or elmer's. I know that was sort of a lengthy guide, but it's not fun. It's also totally kid friends, my little one had so much helping me make my set! Hope you had fun with this project.

Don't want to bother making them but want a set of your own? I have this set for sale on my Etsy Page!

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  1. you're so creative!!
    the shell pumpkins are soooo cute!!!


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