Saturday, July 23, 2011

Under the Sea

The island of the Bahamas I live on is Andros, which has the third largest reef in the world. The snorkling here is beyond amazing. A good friend of mine and myself decided to go, and I immediately kicked myself in the butt for not going sooner. It was more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Unfortunately I do not have an underwater camera, so I was unable to capture it's beauty. I do, however, have a 50gal salt water aquarium with wild fish to show you.

Damsel Fish (Jewelfish)

Pretty, isn't he? I found him while snorkling around some fire coral. I was pretty nervous, I didn't want to be stung by the coral! Catching the fish is quite difficult. I use a tiny net and swim after the fish, which almost enver works since the fish see me coming. Smart little creatures... I usually end up having to corner the fish up in a hole of some sort, which still ends up not working have the time. Here's another little guy in my tank.

Puffy Cheek Goby

That guy wasn't too hard to catch. They hang around in shallow waters, so I often find them trapped in tidal pools. We have several of them in our tank, and they eat just about anything. They are so much fun to watch...

So I decided to turn all of this excitement into productivity, and go on a magnet-making spree. Boy did I make a bunch, but in my defence, I had so much inspiration! Here's a little preview of what I came up with.

For Sale Here

Not bad, right? I think the little guy is adorable. I didn't see any jellyfish on my underwater adventure, but it was one of the first things that came to mind when I sat down with my clay.

I hand shape each of my magnets using no tools. After I get the desired shape, I bake in my oven at 275 degrees. I take them out, let them cool, and then (the most fun part) paint. Finally, it's coated with polyurethane for a nice gloss finish and magnets are attached to the back.

It's a long (but fun!) process, and it's definitely worth the wait for sure. Each magnet is one of a kind since I don't use molds. I do take requests, so if you have anything in mind please don't hesitate to Contact Me! Here is a recent custom order I have completed.

 I have plenty of other magnets here at This Link.

I had never attempted a mermaid before this request. Pretty good job for my first! Boy was she fun to make. Her shell bra is made from real seashells I have collected off the shores right here in the Bahamas. Of course, this lead to me making about a dozen more mermaids...

I think this has ended up being my longest post so far! Now, I just need to write here more often.  Again, be sure to follow me on Facebook and check my Etsy Shop, as I update those way more frequently than I do here. Until next time...
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