Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Sunny Day

Like most every other day here in the Bahamas, it was basically impossible for me to stay inside. I loaded my daughter and myself up and went to the beach. The water was unbelievably calm, the sun was shining - it basically couldn't get any better than it was at that moment. Here's a speak-peak of what our experience was like.

She was quite content checking out what had been trapped in each natural pool as the tide went out. This allowed me to collect about a million seashells, each varying in shape, size and color - no two shells exactly the same!

We headed home, and I got her in bed for her nap just in time for the afternoon storms to roll in.  I had so much inspiration and motivation from our morning beach adventure that I immediately pulled out the needle and thread. Here is one of the numerous accessories I accomplished.

It reminds me of the Bahamian Sunshine... So powerful and intense, with such vibrant colors! I have already uploaded a few new hair accessories from this new batch, and I have so many more to post. Be sure to check back to my Etsy Page frequently, as I find myself adding new listings several times a week.

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